Fitness-Pro 1537

Swim Spa with 37 Jets

Features: High Performance™ Pump, WhisperHot™ Titanium Heater, Multi Colored LEDs
Dimensions: 93" x 187" x 51"

Inspired by the success of our Swim-Pro Series, the Fitness-Pro F-1537 features both therapy and bench style seating areas with addition of the Cal Spas Exclusive Features. This unique spa therapy section features Rain Jets for a full body massage that helps improve blood circulation to soothe sore muscles after an intense swim. The power of 4 swim jets work in conjunction to deliver a steady swim current with pin point resistance. The swim system features River Jets on top which provide smooth upper body resistance, while the lower jets provide added resistance and lift, making this system perfect for swimmers looking a great aquatic workout to burn calories and increase muscle mass. Over 11-feet of unrestricted fitness area allows for intense treadmill swimming session which keeps the swimmer in place. The swim area also doubles as a “party zone” for a large group!

Seating:  x Coming Soon

Jets: x 37

Seat Type:

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