Veranda Plus PPZ-420V

2-Person Hot Tub with 20 Jets

Features: Handrail Waterfall, 5.5kW Titanium Heater, 5" Multi-Color LED Spa Light
Dimensions: 48" x 86" x 33"

With this model, we added great new features! The Pure Silk™ reduces amount of chemicals needed - oxidize organic waste. Also, enjoy a built-in sound system that includes a Subwoofer and Bluetooth. For aesthetics, your waterfall handrail includes an LED light along with perimeter lighting.

  • 20 Velocity™ Stainless Steel Jets
  • Multi Color LED Waterfall Handrail
  • Underwater Multi Color LED Lighting Package
  • Pure Silk™ Ozonator with Mazzie Injector system
  • Freedom™ Sound System with Subwoofer, Bluetooth and (2) Speakers

Seating:  x 2

Jets: x 20

Seat Type:

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